Marketing Tools

We have excellent marketing materials for each of the brands available at TTRpartners. These marketing materials come in a variety of formats and sizes and we can even make them bespoke to your own requirements. They can be found by logging into your TTRpartners account and searching the Media Gallery for your requirements. If there is something specific that you are searching for that isn’t available in the Media Gallery then drop us an email at

Landing Pages

We have fantastic landing pages available for affiliates to help convert your traffic into new customers. We are constantly optimising the pages and conducting regular testing to make them more effective and impactful. The landing pages have all the relevant detail about the brand, the bonus or promotion available, along with t&c’s and can even be made bespoke to your own personal requirements.


Search through our media gallery of banners, available in a variety of sizes and formats, to find the correct banners to use on your website. Our banners have the most up to date branding, imagery and messaging combined with our amazing welcome and promotional offers to help attract new customers.

HTML Mailers

Take advantage of our fantastic HTML Mailers if you have customer databases to send them out to. The HTML Mailers are a great way of acquiring new accounts and detail information about the brands together with fantastic offers and promotions. They contain all the relevant tracking links automatically so any customers who go on to sign up will be tagged to your affiliate account.


Each brand logo is available in the Media Gallery. They are available in many different sizes and formats.


There are some fantastic screenshots available of each of the brand’s products so you can add them to the reviews and specific sections of your website. Screenshots of the lobbies, homepages, certain games and even my account and banking sections of the products are available for you to use and add to your websites. Simply visit the Media Gallery to search through the available options.


We produce great content for each of our brands and make them available for affiliates to use. This content is excellent for the review pages and to give additional information to your players about the brands available. The content is constantly updated as we provide great new content regularly, so look out for it in the Media Gallery of your TTRpartners account.